Former UM star Taylor Lewan wants fighting legalized in the NFL

Taylor Lewan had a checkered career at the University of Michigan. No one can deny his physical skills as an offensive lineman. However, he was certainly not a stranger to controversial play. Now a Pro Bowl lineman for the Tennessee Titans, Lewan has a suggestion to improve the game.

Lewan has a history of aggressive play on the field. Just take a look at this dangerous play from this past NFL season.

Lewan has offered no details on how fighting would work in the NFL. Obviously, the NHL allows fighting and punishes each offender with a five-minute penalty. However, hockey players generally don’t wear facemasks. Even Taylor Lewan has to realize that punching another player in the facemask is a bad idea. Maybe he’s a step ahead, though? Check out these shots from Week 14 this past year. A fight broke out between the Denver Broncos and the Titans…and Lewan steered clear.

Eliminating knuckle pain is one thing. More likely, Lewan was waiting until on-field fighting doesn’t come with a suspension and a fine.

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