Grant Perry staying upbeat: “The hungry dog hunts best”

Michigan Football fans are continuing to grumble following their team’s disappointing season-opening setback to Notre Dame on Saturday in South Bend. However, the players are refusing to let the loss dwell on their minds, and have already moved on from any lingering disappointment.

Following Tuesday’s practice, receiver Grant Perry remained focused on Michigan’s upcoming schedule and aimed to keep spirits with a simple motivational phrase.

“I think what he said after practice today was, ‘The hungry dog eats best,'” redshirt freshman receiver Oliver Martin said. “Or ‘plays best.’ He’s good with being a mentor and having insight like that. I don’t know if I got that quote exactly right. It was something along those lines.”

Though he didn’t remember the exact phrasing, the overall message was clear – a team hungry for wins will find a way to get the job done.

“Don’t let this game define us,” Martin said. “That was a big message from the coaches and Grant especially.”

Linebacker Josh Ross admitted the Wolverines “were a little bit too jittery” but also said that “everything is still in front of us” moving forward.

Though it can be easy for a team to experience a loss in morale following a disappointing loss, the Wolverines aren’t allowing that negativity to creep into the locker room.

“I think everyone is still driven and hungry,” Martin said while talking about the practice atmosphere. “Everyone was just as upbeat. I didn’t notice anyone really down after the loss — that kind of went away on Sunday. You kind of have to switch your mindset at that point and not dwell on a loss.”

Michigan will host the Western Michigan Broncos at the Big House in Ann Arbor this Saturday, and are heavily favored to come away with their first win after being named as 25 1/2 point favorites.

Written by Michael Whitaker

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