Jameson Williams has message for Detroit Lions fans following win over Buccaneers

Jameson Williams has message for Detroit Lions fans following win over Buccaneers.

Jameson Williams has message for Detroit Lions fans following win over Buccaneers

In the NFL, moments of brilliance can emerge from even the most unexpected sources. For the Detroit Lions, one such moment was delivered by rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams during their victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This thrilling deep touchdown showcased Williams' potential to be an absolute game-changer for the Lions' offense. Following the game, Williams had a message for Lions fans.

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A Spark of Momentum

Jameson Williams' spectacular touchdown was more than just a highlight reel play; it injected life into the team during a crucial game. In his post-game interview, Williams emphasized the significance of this play as a momentum-shifter for the Lions. He credited the experienced quarterback, Jared Goff, for consistently making the right decisions.

“I feel like it was a big play for us. It got us going coming out the second half,” Williams said after the game. “We had a three-and-out our first drive, and then we just got going, man. It was just, it was just momentum I feel like for the team. You see how the guys got excited, everybody running up. I was just excited, man. I just feel like the game just had a little spark from there.”

Williams Credits Jared Goff

Of course, Williams made sure to credit the man who threw him the pass, Jared Goff.

“It's awesome playing with somebody like Goff, man. He gets it done,” Williams said. “Makes the right decisions all the time. We're just trying to look forward. To keep going. Were 5-1 right now, trying to get to 6-1 next week, 7-1 with the bye week coming up. We're just trying to keep going.”

A Message For Lions Fans

Jamo also made sure to point out the support from all of the Lions fans who made the trip to Raymond James Stadium.

“That's a lot of energy,” Williams said. “Early in the week, I was looking forward to it. It's my first away game just this season. I was looking forward to seeing a lot of blue and that's what I seen. The stadium was almost took over by the blue and that just helped us a lot to bring in the energy. The fans can take over and make it too loud for the offense to not hear the call, or the check, or stuff like that. So, I encourage the fans to keep traveling with us. It helped us a lot and just encouraged us to go harder and fight for our offense. To go out there and get the dub for our offense.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Rookie Jameson Williams made a game-changing play with a deep touchdown.
  2. The wide receiver credits quarterback Jared Goff for his success.
  3. Williams was impressed by the energetic Lions fans who turned out in force for the game.

Bottom Line – Energizing the Lions' Fanbase

Perhaps the unsung heroes of the game were the passionate Lions fans who filled the stands at Raymond James Stadium. Williams acknowledged the overwhelming support the team received on the road, noting that it was his first away game of the season and he looked forward to the “sea of blue” in the stands. He described the fans as a source of energy that fueled the team's performance, especially during the fourth quarter when their enthusiastic cheering made it challenging for the opposing offense. As the Lions continue their journey, the fervent support of their fans, both at home and away, is a vital element that can contribute to their success.