Jameson Williams’ mom says son only does 2 things

According to the mother of Jameson Williams, there are only a couple of things her son does.

On Saturday, Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams held a 100% free football camp at Chandler Park Academy, and according to reports, he was all smiles as he worked with the kids who were in attendance. Also in attendance to help out was Williams' mother, Tianna, who explained that JAMO really only does two things.

Jameson Williams Detroit Lions
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Jameson Williams' mom says son only does 2 things

While speaking to Morgan Cannon of SB Nation, Williams' mom said that he really only does two things.

“This is his happy place,” said Williams’ mother, Tianna, of his passion for working with the youth. “Getting him to do anything else is like pulling teeth.” Mrs. Williams would go on to describe Jameson as “someone who doesn’t do too much,” apart from football, and going out to eat.

Family Competition

Tianna also talked about how all of her kids are multi-sport athletes, and that there was always a lot of competition within their home.

“Every one of my kids is a two-sport athlete, and they’re all competitive,” said Tianna of her four children—three of whom were in attendance for the camp. “They would race to the dinner table, and Jameson always had to win.”

Jameson Williams Detroit Lions

Bottom Line: JAMO has a great support system

In addition to the mentors he has within the Detroit Lions organization, Jameson Williams also has a great support system within his own family. His mother and father seem like great role models, and they are clearly around to support Jameson as he navigates himself through his professional career.