Jared Goff has flattering comparison for Amon-Ra St. Brown

Jared Goff has flattering comparison for Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Jared Goff has flattering comparison for Amon-Ra St. Brown

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff recently provided an unexpected and intriguing comparison, likening wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown to the Los Angeles Rams‘ defensive tackle superstar Aaron Donald. Goff, who played alongside Donald with the Rams, offered high praise for both players, highlighting their relentless work ethic and commitment to their craft.

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What did Jared Goff Say About St. Brown and Donald?

In a recent interview with ESPN's Eric Woodyard, Goff drew a captivating parallel between St. Brown and Donald. He likened the former USC Trojan wide receiver to the defensive juggernaut. Goff's comparison revolves around their shared dedication to their craft, particularly their unwavering commitment to physical conditioning and continuous improvement.

“Certain guys are different. And I want to make a comparison, but I don't want it to sound crazy, but the way that he is, in the weight room and on the field are very similar in my experience with Aaron Donald,” Lions quarterback Jared Goff told ESPN. “Like, it is business, business, business. He works harder than everybody.”

Goff emphasized the striking similarity between St. Brown and Donald's approach to the game. Both players, in Goff's experience, exhibit an unrelenting work ethic. They approach their on-field performance with a business-like seriousness, constantly striving to push their limits and elevate their game.

“Aaron's the hardest worker I've ever been around and Saint's right there with him just with the amount of time they put in and how serious they take it when they're on the field. It's a lot of fun to play with a guy like that.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jared Goff compares Amon-Ra St. Brown to Aaron Donald, citing their similar work ethics.
  2. Both St. Brown and Donald exhibit unwavering commitment to their craft, emphasizing hard work and dedication.
  3. Goff's comparison adds a layer of intrigue to the talents of both players.

Bottom Line – A Unique Football Connection

Jared Goff's comparison between Amon-Ra St. Brown and Aaron Donald showcases the essence of the sport, where players from diverse positions can share common qualities that drive them to excel. While the comparison may have raised eyebrows, it underlines the dedication and hard work that underpin their success. Anyone who has followed St. Brown since he was drafted by the Lions is well aware of how hard he works to be the best player he can possibly be. Donald has done the same thing during his time with the Rams, and Goff has taken notice.

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