Jared Goff is ‘pissed’ about his pick-six vs. Raiders

Jared Goff is 'pissed' about his pick-six vs. Raiders.

Jared Goff is ‘pissed' about his pick-six vs. Raiders

In a game where the Detroit Lions secured a 26-14 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders, quarterback Jared Goff, despite leading his team to a win, found himself reflecting on a pick-six that marred his performance. This victory marked the Lions' progress with a 6-2 record, but Goff was keen on emphasizing the challenges faced and the potential for a more convincing win. Despite the turnovers and settling for field goals, Goff acknowledged the role of the Lions' defense and their shared journey through adversity, enabling them to move forward.

Jared Goff places blame Jared Goff is 'pissed'

Credit to the Defense

Goff admitted that teams generally do not win when they have three turnovers, but the Lions' defense kept them in the game.

“Three turnovers typically doesn’t win you a game and certainly in the situations where we had the turnovers, they played really well,” Goff said Tuesday morning on Karsch and Anderson. “They kept us in the game and we had good faith in them that as long as we kept moving the ball up field we’d come away with the W.”

“That’s where you come away with that stinging feeling in your stomach, a little pit, where it’s like it could’ve been a 40-point game, 50-point game potentially if we were just finishing drives the right way,” Goff said. “We felt like we kinda had our way there, running the ball, throwing the ball, whatever we felt like we needed to do. Unfortunately we didn’t put as many points on the board as we may have wanted, but did enough to win. Our defense really stepped up and played well.”

Battling through adversity

Goff also acknowledged that when it comes to dealing with adversity in a productive way, this Detroit Lions team is prepared.

“We’ve forced through it. We’ve been forced through adversity. A lot of the guys that were here in 2021 are still here on this team. We went through those tough times together and we kind of are on the other side of it now so when one bad series or one bad play happens, it’s miniscule in comparison to what we’ve already been through as a group in the last three years and we’re able to move through it pretty easily,” he said.

Goff is ‘Pissed' About the Pick-Six

As far as the pick-six Goff tossed in the first half, he is not happy at all and knows that cannot happen moving forward.

As for the pick-six, Goff called it “as bad a play as I’ve had.”

“I was trying to get the ball out of bounds, and just dumb. Just really dumb. Really pissed off about it, to be honest. Can’t do that, can’t put our team in that situation. Just a bad play, but I’ll learn from it,” he said.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jared Goff, quarterback for the Detroit Lions, expressed frustration and called his pick-six in the game against the Las Vegas Raiders “as bad a play as I've had.”
  2. Despite the turnovers and missed opportunities, the Lions managed to secure a 26-14 victory, reflecting their resilience and ability to overcome challenges.
  3. Goff highlighted the team's journey through adversity, stating that past experiences have prepared them to handle difficult situations, emphasizing the camaraderie among the players and their ability to move forward as a cohesive unit.

Bottom Line: Learning and Progress

Jared Goff's candid acknowledgment of his error in the pick-six showcases a commitment to learning and improving. The Lions' ability to secure a win despite challenges highlights their resilience as a team. As they head into the bye week with a strong 6-2 record, Goff's determination to reflect and improve may serve them well in the upcoming games.