Jeimer Candelario shares hilarious in-flight story about Miguel Cabrera

Detroit Tigers‘ future Hall of Fame slugger Miguel Cabrera currently sits at 2,995 career hits and it will not be long before he joins the elusive 3,000 hit club. In fact, there is a very good chance that Miggy hits the milestone during the Tigers' upcoming homestand.

On Tuesday, Stephen J. Nesbitt of The Athletic released an article titled, “‘He’s different’: How Miguel Cabrera put himself in line to be the next member of the 3000-hit club” and he started off the piece with a hilarious in-flight story about Cabrera, as told by Jeimer Candelario.

From The Athletic:

Toward the tail end of a Tigers team flight to Detroit a few years ago, Miguel Cabrera stood to stretch his legs and retrieve something from his bag. Around him, teammates talked and played cards, winding down after a road trip.

Jeimer Candelario, the Tigers’ young third baseman, was still getting used to playing across the diamond from the future Hall of Famer, much less sitting across the aisle from him on a private jet. Candelario had grown up watching a thin, curly-haired Cabrera play third base for the Marlins, back before Cabrera had cemented himself as a generational hitter, before he had 500 home runs, before he closed in on 3,000 hits and approached the doorstep of Cooperstown.

On that flight, Cabrera opened his bag, and Candelario broke into laughter. Conversations halted. Card games ceased. Then teammates saw what Candelario had seen, and a chorus of laughter spread through the cabin: Cabrera’s bag was stuffed with cash — a comical amount to be carrying, even for a man who’s made $400 million in baseball. Cabrera grabbed whatever he was looking for and grinned. Before folding his 6-foot-4, 270-pound frame back into his seat, he turned around and held a handful of cash in the air

“This is what happens,” he said, “when you learn to hit the ball to right field.”

Just another example of Miggy being Miggy!

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