Jim Harbaugh responds to 97.1 The Ticket host Rico Beard’s accusations

There has been plenty of speculation about whether or not Jim Harbaugh will be the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines past the 2020 season.

Though Harbaugh has refused to fuel the fire at all when asked by the media about his future with the Wolverines, a report from 97.1 The Ticket’s Rico Beard got his attention.

On Friday, Beard, while doing his afternoon drive show with Mike Valenti, casually mentioned that he heard Harbaugh “could not give a definitive answer” to prospective recruits about whether or not he would be Michigan’s head coach in 2021.

Well, Harbaugh quickly caught wind of Rico’s accusation and he has fired back saying the report is false.

Getting a lot of questions about (Jim Harbaugh) supposedly telling recruits he’s unsure if he is coming back,” Webb’s tweet read. “Here’s an answer directly from Harbaugh: ‘It’s not true!'”

Who do you believe? Rico Beard or Jim Harbaugh?

What do you think?

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  1. Something is going on in AA. Coach H is not the same coach he was at Stanford or San Fran. The fire in his gut and the enthusiasm he used to show on the sidelines is gone. His interviews come from a hollow man. He is not very inspiring. How are his kids supposed to get fired up for a game? Coach looks lost most of the time. Just like Paterno did his last five years. Come on Coach H. You are in your sixth year. This program should be running on all cylinders now. I know you have lost some talent to the NFL and you have quite a few injured starters but build some depth into your program. Your bench is weak. Dump that QB. I don’t care how strong his arm is, he lacks accuracy and has no guts. He won’t pull it down and run when he needs to. McCaffrey should be your starting QB. Too late now, he’s gone. Milton will never get you to the next level. You pull him out of a game and the cameras show him on the sidelines laughing and joking and having a good old time. Really? You are down 17-0 in the first quarter and he’s laughing. Would Bo put up with that? I think not. Your team is weak and they make too many mistakes, week after week. The problems never get corrected. Same guys making the same dumb mistakes. Crank it up or quit taking the paycheck Coach. It’s time to lead !!!

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