John Cominsky admits to forgetting about ‘Miller Time’ at key moment vs. Vikings

John Cominsky admits to forgetting about 'Miller Time' at key moment vs. Vikings.

John Cominsky admits to forgetting about ‘Miller Time' at key moment vs. Vikings

With less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter and the Detroit Lions leading 30-24, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Nick Mullens fumbled in the pocket. Lions DL John Cominsky, reacting instinctively, attempted to scoop the ball for a potential score rather than securing possession by simply falling on it. This split-second decision almost cost the Lions dearly, as the Vikings recovered the ball, missing a critical opportunity to seal the game. However, the Lions' defense, particularly Ifeatu Melifonwu, stepped up, making a game-clinching interception that ensured the Lions' victory and the NFC North Championship.

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Don't Forget Miller Time!!!

In an interview with Justin Rogers of The Detroit News, Cominsky candidly discussed the play. He admitted to getting caught up in the moment and forgetting the situational awareness, which they refer to as ‘Miller Time' – a conservative mindset emphasizing safety over risk.

“You see the football on the ground and kind of get caught up in the moment, forget the situation you're in and make mistakes,” Cominsky said.

“Yeah, it's something you have to do pre-snap,” Cominsky said. “A lot of guys, you go through a little checklist, just a reminder of what to do. We call it ‘Miller Time.' That's one of those situations, where there's a ball on the ground, you just jump on it. Miller Time is a conservative mindset, like if you get an interception, you go down to the ground right away. You've got to kind of tell yourself, ‘It's Miller Time, it's Miller Time,' before the snap. I didn't do that, obviously.”

Cominsky Thanks Iffy

Cominsky added that he has thanked Ifeatu Melifonwu multiple times for picking him up with a crucial interception.

“I told him plenty of times I was grateful for him making that play,” Cominsky said. “Even a couple of my teammates let me know, ‘You owe Iffy for that one.' Whatever he needs in the future, I've got him, for sure. That's why it's a great team game. You make those mistakes and guys can cover it up for you.

“…Thank God we overcame it and I'm able to look at that mistake (on film), adjust, and just know when we're in a ‘Miller Time' situation again in the future, I won't repeat that mistake,” Cominsky said. “Next time there's a ball on the ground, I'll just jump on it.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. John Cominsky admits to a critical error in the Lions vs. Vikings game by not following ‘Miller Time'.
  2. His attempt to score instead of securing possession nearly cost the Lions.
  3. Teammate Ifeatu Melifonwu's interception saved the game, leading to the Lions' NFC North Championship.

The Bottom Line – A Lesson in Team Dynamics and Personal Growth

John Cominsky's experience in the game against the Vikings serves as a valuable lesson in team dynamics and personal growth. His ability to own up to his mistake, coupled with his gratitude towards a teammate's support, embodies the essence of a team-oriented player. Cominsky's resolve to not repeat the mistake and to remember the ‘Miller Time' mindset in future high-pressure situations is a testament to his character and dedication to the team. This incident not only showcases the importance of situational awareness in sports but also highlights the strength and unity of the Detroit Lions as a team that covers for each other and grows together.


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