John Cominsky says 2023 Detroit Lions defensive line is ‘hungry’

John Cominsky is extremely fired up about the Detroit Lions defensive line heading into the 2023 season.

While his fight for a spot in the Detroit Lions hasn't changed, defensive lineman John Cominsky feels more confident and ready than ever. Going into his fifth year, Cominsky shares that his confidence is at an all-time high and he feels like he's playing his best football. This newfound confidence has removed the hesitation in his play, allowing him to perform at full stride.

“I’d say, just every year, you get a little bit more confident. Going into Year 5, I feel like I’m hitting my stride,” Cominsky said on Saturday. “The confidence is at an all-time high. I feel like I’m playing my best ball, so I’m more confident going into joint practices and going into the next season.

“Just like any kind of hesitation. When you don’t play confident, you’re going to have a little split second of indecision. And so, when you’re playing confident, you’re in full stride. When your moves are in full stride, you’re not second-guessing yourself, and you’re making the plays that you need to make.”

John Cominsky Detroit Lions

John Cominsky says 2023 Detroit Lions defensive line is ‘hungry'

The presence of a young and vibrant defensive line, as well as a new position coach, has injected a fresh, high-energy dynamic into the team. Cominsky praises the “young energy” brought by the coach and fellow players, remarking that the excitement and motivation have made every day enjoyable. He describes the atmosphere as one marked by “general hunger” – a group of players not resting on past laurels but pushing hard to reach their peak performance.

“He (John Scott) brings a young energy to the room. He’s running all over the field. He’s yelling all over the field,” Cominksy said. “And then we have all the young guys, so it’s a lot of young energy in there. Every day is exciting that way. There is some juice in the room. And guys are motivated every day. Everybody’s hungry and that just makes it that much more fun.

“It’s just a hunger. It’s just an overall hunger in the room. You don’t have guys that are all nine and 10-year guys that have already hit their peak and stride and they’re just playing football now. These are guys that are trying to get to their best football, so they’re pushing full gas pedal. They’re trying to hit their stride, so it’s just that hunger in the room. General hunger in the room.”

Key Points

  • John Cominsky expresses boosted confidence ahead of the new season
  • Increased confidence has allowed Cominsky to play faster and make crucial plays
  • The Lions' defensive line exudes a youthful, energetic vibe, driving daily motivation
  • Cominsky points out a “general hunger” among the team to reach peak performance

Bottom Line – Lions Set to Unleash Defensive Hunger

The Detroit Lions defensive line, under the influence of players like John Cominsky, is displaying a newfound “hunger” and readiness for the challenges ahead. This burgeoning energy and ambition among the team herald an exciting season, potentially filled with aggressive, confident performances on the field. As the players continue to push the pedal and strive for their best, fans and rivals alike should prepare for a roaring display of football from the Detroit Lions.