John Cominsky: The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ on the Detroit Lions Defense

Detroit Lions defensive quality control coach Wayne Blair said, "I damn near get teary-eyed" when talking about John Cominsky.

Detroit Lions defensive quality control coach Wayne Blair recently praised EDGE John Cominsky and the versatility of the team's defenders, which allows defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn to open up the playbook. Blair highlights the advantage of having players who can seamlessly transition between different positions and contribute to various defensive schemes.

John Cominsky Detroit Lions

John Cominsky: The ‘Swiss Army Knife' on the Detroit Lions Defense

Cominsky had a breakout season in Detroit, posting career-high numbers in tackles and sacks in 2022. He embodies the toughness and versatility that define the Lions' defensive identity for the 2023 season, aptly referred to as “violence” by Blair.

“For me, as a coach, he’s been instrumental in my development, as far as becoming a coach, because he knows all of the different positions, understands being able to play violent,” Blair said of Cominsky. “‘Commish’ is just one of those guys that has been instrumental, as far as helping AG to be able to fill in pieces to the puzzle. Just a know-it guy, not in the sense of a know-it-all guy, but just a guy that understands blocks, understands protections and he is also like a ‘Swiss-Army knife’ within that defensive line, a guy that can be inside, he can be outside.

“He’s just a wonderful human being. You know, I damn near get teary-eyed about it, because he’s one of those guys that takes the time to just follow up and follow through, and dots all his ‘i’s,’ crosses all his ‘t’s,’ slashes all his ‘q’s.’ And again, he’s just somebody that was very, very needed to be re-signed, and we did that.”

Key Points

  • Wayne Blair, Detroit Lions' defensive quality control coach, highlights the advantage of having versatile defenders.
  • John Cominsky, a “Swiss Army knife” on the defensive line, impressed Blair in his first year with the Lions.
  • Cominsky recorded career-high numbers in tackles, sacks, and quarterback hits during the previous season.
  • Blair praises Cominsky's impact on the team's development and his understanding of different positions and defensive schemes.

Bottom Line: The Key to Defensive Excellence

John Cominsky's versatility and impact on the Detroit Lions' defense make him a key player to watch in the upcoming season. Assistant coach Wayne Blair's admiration for Cominsky's abilities highlights his instrumental role in the team's development and the puzzle pieces he brings to the defensive line. Cominsky's breakout performance and subsequent contract extension showcase the Lions' belief in his capabilities. As the Lions strive to establish their defensive identity centered around “violence,” Cominsky's toughness, versatility, and commitment to excellence position him as a valuable asset in their pursuit of defensive dominance. With Cominsky's presence, the Lions' defense has the potential to excel and make a significant impact on the field in the 2023 season and beyond.