Johns Hopkins pitcher throws disturbing amount of pitches in D-III title game

The Johns Hopkins head baseball coach does not care much about his pitchers.

According to multiple reports, Johns Hopkins pitcher Gabriel Romano threw a 164-pitch complete game against Lynchburg in Game 2 of the NCAA Division III College Baseball National Championship. With the 11-6 win, Johns Hopkins advanced to a winner-take-all Game 3. That game has now been completed with Lynchburg picking up a 7-6 victory to win the National Championship.

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins pitchers must have rubber arms

What is crazy is that Romano was left to finish the game despite his team having an 11-3 lead heading into the bottom of the ninth inning. So, either A) The pitchers have rubber arms and can throw forever, or B) The Johns Hopkins head coach could not care less about the arm health of his pitchers. In fact, just three days ago, Matt Savedoff threw a 147-pitch complete game, so this is nothing new.

Bottom Line: A careless head coach

Despite Romano's heroic effort in Game 2, his team was unable to secure the championship as Lynchburg emerged victorious in a thrilling Game 3, with a narrow 7-6 win. The decision to leave Romano in the game, even with a substantial lead, raises questions about the approach of the Johns Hopkins coaching staff towards their pitchers' well-being, especially considering that just days earlier, another pitcher, Matt Savedoff, threw an astonishing 147 pitches. Whether it highlights the exceptional endurance of the team's pitchers or a disregard for their arm health remains a topic of debate.


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