Matthew and Kelly Stafford give back to hurricane relief efforts

As we all know, the Detroit Lions recently signed quarterback Matthew Stafford to a five-year $135 million deal, and he is already putting part of it to good use.

While Stafford’s wife, Kelly, was working the phones at the Local 4 telethon, the newly crowned highest-paid player in NFL history called in to make a donation. Stafford donated $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and another $25,000 to Hurricane Irma relief efforts. The Lions signal-caller joins a long list of athletes and teams who have donated to the hurricane relief efforts through the Red Cross, United Way, and other organizations.

The flag-bearer is Houston Texans’ defensive star J.J. Watt, who has raised over $30 million through his foundation, while Lions owner Martha Ford donated $1 million to the Red Cross. Other notables are Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, who donated $10 million, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who donated over $3 million, and Houston Rockets’ guard James Harden, who donated $1 million.

I’m sure many out there will question whether Stafford gave “enough” considering the size of his new contract, but really, in a situation like this, when so many people are hurting, any amount is enough. Every dollar counts, and yes Stafford has a lot more than you and I, but he is also doing a lot more than you and I. Ok, maybe not you, I cannot know for sure. I know I make nowhere near what Stafford makes, but I make enough that I should have donated something… and I haven’t, yet… What’s that saying about throwing stones and glass houses? Yeah…

If you would like to put your money where your mouth is, you can donate to the Red Cross here. Like I said, every dollar counts.

Written by Matt Bassin

Born in L.A., raised in Detroit and SoCal. Born Green and White, but am an Arizona Alumnus with my degree in Journalism. Have worked for newspapers as a writer/editor, and as an on-air talent for sports radio. Follow the Lions, Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons and Lakers. Go Green!

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