LOOK: Calvin Johnson responds to haters on Instagram

Former Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons.

During a recent interview in Italy, Johnson took a shot at the Lions.

“If I was to keep playing, I would have to play in Detroit, and that just wasn’t for me anymore,” Johnson said.

He also added that he did not see a reason for staying because he did not think the Lions would win a Super Bowl.

“I didn’t see a chance for them to win a Super Bowl at the time, and for the work I was putting in, it wasn’t worth my time to keep on beating my head against the wall and not going anywhere.”

Since making those comments, Johnson has been ridiculed by many fans, many of whom have not been very kind.

On Sunday, Johnson responded to a couple of haters on his Instagram account.


It sounds like Johnson has certainly been hearing what Lions fans have to say and he is not thrilled.