UPDATED: Conor McGregor absolutely destroys Draymond Green on Instagram

It looks like Draymond Green of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors may have finally met his match on Instagram. Green, the former Michigan State Spartans standout, is known for voicing his strong opinions in any way possible, including on social media.

Well, on Sunday Morning, Green posted a message on his Instagram account showing MMA fighter Conor McGregor wearing a No. 23 Warriors jersey. The message reads, “We rocking with Floyd bro not you… take that off bruh.”

Green, who currently wears No. 23 for the Warriors, was referring to the upcoming boxing match between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.


Green made two big mistakes by posting this on Instagram. 1) He should have never tagged McGregor in the post and 2) It is not a Draymond Green No. 23 jersey that McGregor is wearing. That's something McGregor did not take long to point out.

That is an absolutely amazing response by McGregor. Not only revealing that Green was wrong about the jersey (it's actually a C.J. Watson jersey) but claiming that he does not even know who Green is! (Doubt that's true)

Not surprisingly, McGregor, who is known as much for his trash talking as he is his fighting, did not stop there.

Later, Green fired back listing all of his own accomplishments (always looks bad) including his Gold Medal and NBA Championship with the Warriors.

Obviously, Draymond has not followed Mayweather too closely over the years or he may recall that C.J. Watson is linked to Mayweather's domestic abuse case from 2010. After finding out that Josie Harris, the mother of his three children, was allegedly exchanging text messages with Watson, Mayweather became violent and beat her. He was found guilty and spent 90 days in jail for his actions.

Maybe it's time for Green to take his trolling elsewhere. Or at the very least, avoid trolling Conor McGregor.