LOOK: Former Wolverine compares Jim Harbaugh to Paris Hilton


When it comes to University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, most people either love him or they hate him, there really does not seem to be an in-between.

Some say Harbaugh is right on schedule as he has gone 28-10 since taking over the program prior to the 2015 season and has consistently recruited well. Others will claim he has been a failure and is the most overrated coach in the nation because he is just a combined 1-5 against his biggest rivals, Michigan State and Ohio State.

Most Michigan football alumni have supported Harbaugh since he was hired. Heck, former Wolverines quarterback Tom Brady even came to Michigan’s Signing of the Stars event in 2016.

But one former Michigan receiver, Amani Toomer, clearly does not care for Harbaugh and how he has fared since taking over the football program at U of M.

On Thursday, Toomer joined 97.1 The Ticket’s “Jamie and Stoney” show to talk about his feeling about Harbaugh.

From Click on Detroit:

“I’m a frustrated fan,” Toomer told Michael Stone and Jamie Samuelsen. “I think that what Michigan signed up for was a Nick Saban, an Urban Meyer. We signed up for somebody who was going to come in and change the culture. I mean, he had a great first year. The first two years I was excited. But last year he had his best team and they lose to Ohio State? That was a heartbreaker.”

Toomer clearly has something against Harbaugh, or just wants to be relevant again, as his next comment proves.

“To me, that’s not a supermodel,” Toomer said of Harbaugh. “That’s Paris Hilton. That’s somebody who’s given us nothing. But, ‘Oh, we’re going to Rome. Oh, we wear Michael Jordan shoes.’ I don’t care. I want to beat Michigan State. I want to beat Ohio State. That’s the passion that I have for the program.”

Despite his obvious hatred towards Harbaugh, Toomer claimed it’s not hate at all and that he “bleeds blue.”

“Look, we don’t hate Harbaugh,” Toomer said. “That’s not the point of this. The point is I just want the team to be better. I’m not trying to tear apart the program. I love the program. I risked my life on the field for Michigan. I bleed blue. But for people to be OK with this is bothersome to me.”

Sorry, Amani, you do not bleed blue.