WATCH: J.D. Martinez’ reaction to being traded to Diamondbacks will make you tear up

On Tuesday evening, Detroit Tigers fans learned that J.D. Martinez had been traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for a trio of prospects.

After J.D. was told by Tigers GM Al Avila that he had been traded, they shed some tears.

From MLive:

“It was a very difficult process for me,” said Tigers general manager Al Avila in an interview with reporters in the dugout before the game. “I talked to J.D. with Brad (Ausmus). We were crying. It’s very hard, because this is not what you plan to do. We all want to win. We want to keep our players. But at this point, it’s the best thing for the organization.”

Since joining the Tigers prior to the 2014 season, Martinez has become a fan favorite and apparently, he feels the same way about his fans and the city of Detroit.

Here is Martinez just after learning he had been dealt to the Diamondbacks.

There is no question about it that J.D. Martinez is a class act and will always be remembered as one of the good guys. Not only was he loved by the fans, but he loved them back.

From MLive: 

“I’m going to miss the fans. I feel like the fans really took me in in Detroit. For some reason, I don’t why, they always loved me. For that, I thank them,” he said. “They never put me down. They never booed me. They always picked me up. If I would strike out three times in a game, I’d be in the outfield and you could hear them, ‘Hey, you’re all right J.D.! Get ’em in the fourth at-bat.’ It means a lot. I thank them. That’s probably going to be one of the hardest parts to leave.”

Thanks for the memories, J.D.!!!

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