Looking ahead to Detroit Lions next opponent: Detroit swashbuckles down to Tampa Bay

The Detroit Lions next opponent in Tampa Bay was out of action this week, but they're not to be overlooked!

The 3-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the Detroit Lions next opponent in Week 6

For the first time since 2011, the Detroit Lions have achieved a record of four wins in their first five games of an NFL season. They showcased their dominance against the Carolina Panthers at Ford Field today and are now shifting their focus to their next game in the Sunshine State against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers have also had a strong start to the season, boasting a 3-1 record.

Detroit Lions next opponent

The Bucs have started strong

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers entered the 2023 season with uncertainty, primarily due to the departure of Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady and his replacement with Baker Mayfield. Interestingly, Fox Sports had predicted a significantly different record for the Bucs at this point in the schedule compared to their actual performance.

Tampa Bay's most recent game was on October 1st, where they secured a victory over the New Orleans Saints with a final score of 26-9. Mayfield had a strong performance, completing 25 of 32 passes for 246 yards and three touchdowns. Chris Godwin played a pivotal role in the passing game, leading with eight receptions and accumulating a total of 114 yards.

The Lions are off to their best start in 12 years

The last time the Lions began a season with four wins in their first five games was in 2011. That season, they went on to achieve a 10-6 record and earned a spot in the NFL Wild Card playoff game, facing the Saints. Unfortunately, the outcome of that playoff game didn't align with the hopes and expectations of Lions fans.

NFL grants Detroit Lions

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions delivered a resounding victory against the Carolina Panthers today at home, further solidifying their impressive 4-1 record for the 2023 season. This marks their best start since 2011.
  2. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had a strong start to their season, winning three out of their first four games. Their most recent victory came against the New Orleans Saints last week.
  3. The last time the Lions began a season with a strong start like this, they eventually went on to qualify for the NFL Wild Card playoffs.

Bottom Line: Can the Lions seize their plunder against the Buccaneers?

The Lions are gearing up to face the Buccaneers, who have been performing better than expected in the 2023 season. The potential to start the season 5-1 is an exciting prospect for Detroit, especially considering that they were considered favorites by many pundits to win the NFC North Division at the beginning of the year.

The upcoming game is scheduled to kick off at 4:25 PM EST, following the NFL's decision to grant Detroit the first schedule flex of the year.