Michigan Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Herbert Makes Decision for 2024

BREAKING: Jim Harbaugh poaches key member of Michigan Football program. This is a BRUTAL loss for the Wolverines.

Michigan Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Herbert makes decision for 2024

According to multiple reports, Ben Herbert, the highly esteemed strength and conditioning coach at the University of Michigan, has made a significant move, opting to leave his position with the Wolverines to join Jim Harbaugh's new coaching staff in Los Angeles. This is a huge blow for the Michigan football program as Herbert was arguably the most respected (and most valuable) member of the Wolverines coaching staff.

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Why it Matters

This decision is impactful for several reasons:

  1. Herbert's Influence: Known for his vital role in Michigan's recent success, Herbert's departure signifies a major loss for the program. His expertise in player conditioning and development has been a cornerstone of Michigan’s athletic progress, earning him accolades from players and fellow coaches.
  2. Harbaugh's Assembling Staff: Harbaugh’s move to the Los Angeles Chargers has set off a ripple effect, with key Michigan staff members, including Herbert, Jesse Minter, and Jay Harbaugh, being drawn to join his NFL venture. This indicates Harbaugh’s commitment to replicating his successful Michigan model in the professional arena.
  3. Impact on Michigan: The exit of a key staff member like Herbert raises questions about the future of Michigan's strength and conditioning program. His departure leaves a void that will need to be filled quickly to maintain the program's competitive edge.

The Big Picture: Michigan's Road Ahead

For Michigan, this change presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The program will now embark on a search for a replacement who can uphold, if not elevate, the standard set by Herbert. This transition phase will be crucial in determining how the team adapts and maintains its competitiveness in future seasons.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Key Departure: Ben Herbert, the highly regarded strength and conditioning coach at the University of Michigan, is leaving to join Jim Harbaugh’s staff in Los Angeles, marking a significant loss for the Michigan football program.
  2. Harbaugh's NFL Assemblage: Jim Harbaugh is actively recruiting his Michigan staff, including Herbert, Jesse Minter, and Jay Harbaugh, for his new team in Los Angeles, reflecting his strategy to replicate his successful collegiate model in the NFL.
  3. Impact on Michigan: Herbert’s departure presents a challenge for Michigan, necessitating the search for a replacement who can continue the program's high standards in player conditioning and development.

The Bottom Line – A New Era for Michigan and Los Angeles

Ben Herbert's decision to join Jim Harbaugh in Los Angeles marks a significant shift for both the Michigan Wolverines and the Los Angeles Chargers. For Michigan, it's a moment of transition, requiring swift and strategic decision-making to ensure continuity in their strength and conditioning program. For Los Angeles, it’s a sign of Harbaugh’s intention to build a strong, cohesive team, drawing on familiar and trusted expertise. As both teams navigate these changes, the impact of Herbert’s move will be keenly observed in the seasons to come.

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