Michigan freshman Hunter Dickinson calls out ‘analyst’ Doug Gottlieb

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On Sunday afternoon, No. 3 Michigan pulled off one of their biggest regular-season wins in recent memory as they went into Columbus and defeated No. 4 Ohio State 92-87 to move to 16-1 on the season.

Freshman center Hunter Dickinson led the Wolverines with 22 points and nine rebounds as he routinely looked like a man amongst boys.

Heading into the game, plenty called out Michigan for being overrated because they had not yet played some of the better teams in the Big Ten.

One of those people was analyst (I use that term lightly) Doug Gottlieb who, prior to the game, said the “smart money” was on Ohio State today.

Well, following Michigan’s win, Dickenson retweeted Gottlieb’s tweet with a simple “lol” attached to it.

Michigan may or may not win a National Championship but one thing is for sure, they are a solid team and their chances of winning the Big Ten don’t look too shabby.

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