Michigan legend Jon Jansen blares ‘The Victors’ during Ohio parade

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Jon Jansen

When it comes to Michigan and Ohio State, the word “hate” immediately comes to mind. Especially when it comes to Wolverines’ legend, Jon Jansen.

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Jansen, who is currently a host on 97.1 the Ticket was recently driving through Ohio and he pulled off a stunt that can only be described as legendary.

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Michigan legend Jon Jansen blares ‘The Victors’ during Ohio parade

Here is what Jon Jansen said this morning on 97.1 the Ticket: (Via The Wolverine)

“I’m so irritated by being in this state. I’m just irritated. I can’t wait to get out of it,” he recalled on 97.1 The Ticket recently. “And then I look up and see all these fire truck lights, police lights. I’m thinking, ‘oh no … there’s an accident. They’ve closed it down. We’re going to have to take another road to get along. It’s going to take us even longer.’”

“We enter from the south, and the high school is on the left where they’re all gathering,” Jansen recalled. “You can hear the band playing. You see the police and fire trucks. I don’t even know what the parade was for … doesn’t matter. They’re just about to barricade it. The light turns green, and we proceed …”

“My wife calls me and says, ‘are you going to do it?’ I said, ‘hell yeah I’m going to do it!’” Jansen recalled. “I’ve got my daughter in the passenger seat, all four windows down, and here comes ‘The Victors.’ I’m blaring ‘The Victors,’ leading the parade, and I’m going as slow as possible. 

“[My daughter] is covering up in a blanket. She’s doing the Doug Karsch. I’ve done this in Columbus, and Doug was scared as hell. He thought he was going to die. My daughter did the same thing, she was so embarrassed. But they’re three or four deep, the whole length of the town on both sides. I’ve got the windows down, I’m blaring ‘The Victors,’ got the fist pump going outside …”

“And I’m getting the number one salute pretty much the whole way,” Jansen recalled with a laugh. “There were a few beer cans that may have been thrown at the truck. And I’m loving every damn minute of it. It was awesome.”

Jon Jansen is a freaking legend!!!

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