Michigan Wolverines Get A Big Noon Cakewalk

Griffin & Bass discuss this week's college football slate for Michigan and Michigan State.

Michigan Wolverines VS. Michigan State Spartans

Matthew Bassin: All right let's move on down to college football. Got the Michigan Wolverines at 22 and a half point favorites going to Indiana. This is the Big Noon kickoff on Fox, the Hoosiers. Hoosiers are just bad Ryan. They mean bad, but they lost in Nebraska. That's how bad they are. They're one in one in the big 10, three and two overall.

As far as offensively, they're just absolutely terrible. They're 12th in the Big 10. Only Rutgers Northwestern are worse. They have the 13th ranked scoring defense. What's that? 

Ryan Griffin: So Michigan State, It's not worse? 

Matthew Bassin: No, not a, 

Ryan Griffin: not according to, 

Matthew Bassin: Exactly. And we will hold onto that for as long as we can. Their 13th ranked scoring defense in the Big 10 as well. They're allowing 30 points per game. Only Nebraska is worse. 

And they're ranked 10th in the league in points scored. And then you look at The Michigan Wolverines and it's just no contest, it feels and Indiana doesn't beat the Michigan Wolverines in, in a regular season anyway.

The last time they did it was in the Covid shortened season. And I don't think that should count for. So 22 and a half points spread for the Michigan Wolverines. It's just about whether or not they cover. 

With Indiana, they have no running game to speak of. They're, they give ups. Nebraska had four sacks all season coming into the game, and they had three against Indiana and got plenty of pressure as well.

So Indiana's Connor Blazek, I don't even know how to pronounce that man's name. He's gonna have to be a lot better than he has. And against the Michigan Wolverines' defense. I just don't see it happening. I think the Michigan Wolverines are gonna run all over Indiana and cover that 22 and a half point spread. 

Ryan Griffin: Yeah, man. Indiana sucks, so the Michigan Wolverines' don't, that's kind of all you need to know. It's a big noon game, which is pretty silly. It is in Bloomington, which is just about the only advantage that Indiana has in this game, and the fact that it's a national tv. 

Hopefully that can bring like their crowd out so that it's not a majority Michigan Wolverines' crowd, because I think that'd certainly be a possibility if it was just like a, a big 10 networker game or something.

But hopefully there's some more buzz on campus for Indiana's sake in the fact that it is, again, on national tv they're gonna be doing shots of the crowd and shots of just the atmosphere in blooming. 

And maybe that can give their attendance a little bit of a boost. But even the fact that it's just a road game for the Michigan Wolverines, the Indiana is so bad and the Michigan Wolverines should be able to do whatever they want.

Really. Blake Corum should be able to continue his Heisman campaign against this Hoosier's defense that hasn't really given up. That hasn't really resisted anybody all year. And then you said, The offense is bad as well. No, the 12th and the Big 10 . So it's not that there's, There should be no reason for the Michigan Wolverines to worry.

We didn't think they had a lot of reason to worry last week against Iowa. But at least Iowa had a strong defense that could give you some type of a challenge. And for Indiana, there's just nothing. I think probably the only thing that could hinder the Michigan Wolverines is that they were potentially gonna look ahead against Indiana, because I believe on their.

They have Penn State after Indiana and Penn State should be a a fairly big game. Yeah. Penn State. Penn State next week at the big house. So maybe you catch the Michigan Wolverines in a look ahead spot here. You know, on, on the road. But typically Harbaugh doesn't fall into that trap. And Harbaugh and his teams at Michigan don't fall into the trap of the trap games. So I think he'll have these guys focused and ready to play and Michigan should be able to kind of do what they want with the Hoosiers. 

Matthew Bassin: Yeah. And props to you. At Iowa, we called that Michigan Wolverines, Iowa game. Basically to a T even our final scores were almost dead on as well. We thought the Michigan Wolverines would just continue to, to push the envelope, pound the rock and, it would be a hard fought game, but they would win comfortably and they did.

And I agree with you, while this could be a trap game, Indiana is just. They don't have, they don't have the weapons, They don't have the, I just don't see them having the ability, unless all of a sudden the Michigan Wolverines does something they haven't done all year, which is place sloppy and turnover after turn.

Michigan Wolverines Michigan State

I'm talking four turnovers for Indiana to take advantage of, to really be in this game. The Michigan Wolverines had two turnovers all year. They don't, they're not a penalty filled team as well. They played disciplined football. It just seems too much for Indiana to overcome, even in a possible trap game scenario with a running game like the Michigan Wolverines.

Blake Corum alone can win this football game even if JJ is off his game. And apparently he has been the. Accurate quarterback in football since taken over the starting position at Michigan. And yes, he's not pushing himself that hard as far as the number of times that he's throwing it.

It's still Michigan, and they want to establish the run. They have the horses to establish the run. Donovan Edwards being back only makes that more dangerous. And Blake Corum on his own has just absolutely been ridiculous this year, and it's just too much to overcome. I'm expecting 50 points at least from the Michigan Wolverines and giving up no more than like 17 to 20 at the most, which again leads me to Michigan covering the 22 and a half point spread as far as the over under.

59. I wanna say, I'm confident in saying take the over but if for whatever reason Michigan does come out a little slop it's harder to press it. But I am comfortable about that 22 and a half point spread being covered by the Michigan Wolverines. 

Ryan Griffin: I don't know that I'm comfortable with either number. If I had to pick a, I don't know.

If I had to pick a side, I might just take Indiana with the points. , if they are at home, it's 22 and a half, which is, different than 20 and a half or even, 21 flat or something. So I think I take Indiana and then the under, not again, that I think Michigan was so much of an issue, but e what's the over what?

You said it was 59 was the over, under, mm-hmm. Yeah. So even if it's like 38. I don't know, 15 or something that's 53 Michigan would cover in that aspect and they would dominate the game. It would just be, too little, too late. And I don't know that Indiana can score that many points on Michigan's defense to make up for it if Michigan only does hit, 42.

Right. Or if they go crazy and hit 49, if they just absolutely. Stifle what Indiana's trying to do. So I think it'll be somewhere around 40 to 20 or something where the Michigan Wolverines won't have so much of an issue now that, that would spread I guess, 

Matthew Bassin: but I'll give you one more number.

Nebraska's defense has been allowing 450 yards all day. Indiana managed 267 . Okay? So Nebraska defense, that is God awful. So it's just, again unless the Michigan Wolverines has a complete 180 of a game from what they've shown us all year, and they just start turning the ball over like crazy. I just don't see Indiana being any kind of a danger to these wolverines.

I don't think this is the same thing as a few years back with all the crossing routes that Michigan was giving up, and Indiana gave Ohio State the blueprint on how to beat the Wolverines soundly. And yes, Wolverines still covered that game, but I don't see that happening this year. Even with those, with that ability, it just, I think Michigan's just gonna be way too much for these Hoosiers.

Ryan Griffin: Yeah, I think so too. They're a bad team. It shouldn't be the big noon game, but it. It is. 

Matthew Bassin: The next game, not a big noon game, four o'clock Eastern on abc, Michigan State Spartans hosting the Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State is a 27 point favorite. The over under is 64. Last season, Ohio State defeated MSU 56 to seven.

CJ Stroud lit up the Spartan defense for 430 plus yards, six touchdowns, only three in completions. And it seems like this Michigan State defense is worse than last year's Michigan State Defense. I don't know about you, Ryan. I'm gonna give the game away early, but I am, I'm hammering that Ohio State cover of 27 points cuz I don't see any way that the Spartans give any kind of a fight in this game.

Ryan Griffin: No, probably not. Again, just like Indiana, you're only advantage for Michigan State is that they're a home, but there's already a bunch of Michigan State. Trying to sell their tickets. And, Ohio State fans love to travel. So if they're selling those to, to Buckeye fans, then you might see a lot more red in the stadium then you would like to I certainly wouldn't ask, or have Michigan State covered the spread and nobody else.

Either, apparently, all the bets are coming in on Ohio State to cover. No. Not only did you, not only do you see like what advantages and disadvantages these teams have, right? Even Ohio State, Jaxon Smith Njigba barely played. TreVeyon Henderson didn't play last week. The running back still had 200 yards and the receivers even without, Smith Njigba, but are still just amazing.

And obviously Michigan State has a really bad second. We all know it. And Ohio State's the best offense in the country. So not only do you factor in hey, this team's strong point is like it's water and fire to this team's weak point. You also saw what these two teams did last year when they faced each other, it was 49 to zero at half time.

So it's not even this theoretical, Oh, this should definitely dominate this. you saw it happen when these two teams played and it wasn't pretty. I don't expect it to be any pretty, or this year, I don't think we'll be down 50 points a half time cuz that's just something that literally never happens.

Except last year. But it'll be, I like, I wouldn't be surprised if the total margin of victory for Ohio State was close to the same 49 points. If they win 56 to 14 or something like , it's seven more points than I guess we scored last year. But no, this game shouldn't be close at all. And if you're a Spartan fan, it should allow you to. Hit the apple orchard early or something on 

on Saturday. 

Matthew Bassin: Yeah, I, It'd be one thing if it was just our secondary, That's terrible. Which is what we saw last year coming into this game. But our defensive line's not really getting pressure. Our offensive line is not run blocking. Our running game has disappeared and Payton Thorne has regressed it looks like from last year to this year.

So everything has gotten. From this time last year when the Spartans faced off against the Buckeyes, and to make matters even worse. The strongest point of the Ohio State defense is their run defense. So you can't even depend on Joe Burger and Broussard to carry the load in this one, cuz they're not gonna be able to, they're not gonna get anywhere near a hundred yards.

They might get almost a hundred yards combined between the two of them and Ellijah, but it just. I don't it, I don't see it. And so unless Payton Thorne stands on his head in this game and just completes 75% of his passes, no turnovers, is just firing at all cylinders with, Coleman and Mosley and Reed.

It just. I don't see any way the Spartans put up a fight for more than the first five minutes, and that's if the Spartans get the ball first. If Ohio State gets the ball first, they're gonna do what every other team has done so far and marsh right down the Spartan's throats and score a touchdown and we're gonna be behind for the whole game.

Yeah, for anybody who plays Madden or NCAA, Ohio State should just run four verticals every play and they'll have as much success as they want. Do you wanna tell the people about Gear of Detroit while I plug in my laptop. sure. 

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Matthew Bassin: All right, so 

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Matthew Bassin: There you. You with me on this Ohio State covering the 27. What about the over, under a 64? Cause Ohio State can get it on their own if they wanted to. 

Ryan Griffin: Yeah, Ohio State can get it on their own.

And even if Michigan State shows signs a life on offense and like they really help and score 20 or something, , then that 64 should be easier to cover than. Yeah, I'd feel pretty comfortable about the over the point spread. Obviously we saw it happen last year. I would lean Ohio State, but there's just like a bad feeling in my gut that Michigan State gets some stupid back door cover.

If the game's 54 to 20 and Michigan State or 54 to 21 or something, and Michigan State scores a late touchdown at the end and it's 54 to 28. And they cover and that that I don't like so much. So I think I would play the over before I played the points. 

Matthew Bassin: No. I'm hammering that cover that 27 point. I just, I don't, sorry. It's the same thing with the Lion's defense, the Michigan State Defense. I just have no faith in the defense stopping anything right now. I'm expecting all the points in Ohio State is one of the best teams in the country, and I think they're gonna show it again, why that is true.

This Saturday, four o'clock on abc, if you wanna watch the first half because you're not gonna have to watch the second half this game. We'll be over at half time, just like last year.

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