Motor City CandleWorks – Small Business Friday

DSN Featured Small Business: Motor City Candleworks, locally-based makers of premium incense.

This week's feature is Motor City CandleWorks. A handmade premium incense wholesaler with a strong presence in Detroit since 2004.

Detroit Sports Nation has always tried to give back to the local small businesses in Michigan, and now we are taking it up a notch! Every week, a new business will be featured across our platforms, absolutely no strings attached, no charge.

Motor City CandleWorks

Motor City Candleworks was founded by Carl Allison in 2004 in an old factory now known as the Russell Industrial Center. On the opening day of the Detroit Tigers (which has been named one of the great fragrances in homage to.) His vision was to build a local business known for quality, handmade products at affordable prices.

Carl’s love for Michigan and especially the Motor City (Detroit) is evident in our products. Fragrances have been developed over many years to relate directly to the many places and experiences in Michigan and to rekindle old memories from youth as well as help foster new ones. Carl was engaged in many charitable causes and was an avid supporter of the City of Detroit’s reemergence as an economic center for Michigan and helping to get Detroit back on the world stage.

In 2017, Carl passed and left the business to his sales manager and friend, Christopher Brown. Chris is determined to continue the business under the same stringent quality standards that Carl established and keep Carl’s vision of the business remaining in the Metro Detroit Area.

All of our incense are hand dipped in only the highest quality oils. Every stick is individually checked for quality. Our incense is double packed to ensure freshness and longevity during shipping and storage. You will find that our fragrances are of the highest quality in the industry.

Motor City Candleworks is available in over 200 stores, and you can purchase direct from their website. Click the links below to check their website out, and follow them on social media for updates as well!



Motor City CandleWorks

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