MUST SEE: Epic Detroit Lions 2018 Hype video will get you fired up


Unfortunately, the Detroit Lions left much to be desired as they missed the 2017 NFL Playoffs after finishing with a 9-7 record.

For Lions fans, it always seems to be, “wait until next season.”

Well, for the Lions 2018 is all that matters now.

Here is a 2018 Detroit Lions hype video we stumbled upon on Twitter that is sure to get you excited about “next season.”


He loves us, He loves us not: The latest on Matt Patricia

Many of my colleagues insist that I am 200 years old. Don’t believe me? Just ask them for yourself and you will see.

That being said, in my 200 years of life (really 40), I have seen plenty of NFL head coach searches play out. Because of that, it’s never a surprise to me when a coaching search process is filled with rumor, after rumor, after rumor.

Well, rumors have been the name of the game this week when it comes to the Detroit Lions and their quest to find the perfect head coach for their organization.

First, it was Peter King of Sports illustrating reporting that New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, the RUMORED favorite of Lions general manager Bob Quinnactually preferred the New York Giants over Detroit.

That report/rumor got Lions fans all up in arms about how they could lose top target (even though nobody from the Lions has said Patricia is their top target) and have to settle for a lesser candidate.

Then a report/rumor surfaced that the Giants were not trying to close a deal with Patricia, at least not yet.

Now, a report from Pro Football Weekly claims the Lions are, in fact, the favorite to get Patricia if he decides to leave the Patriots.

To read the report, please click here.