New York Giants QB Daniel Jones suffers neck injury

New York Giants QB Daniel Jones suffers neck injury: This is a tough break for Jones, who has gotten beaten up in 2023.

New York Giants QB Daniel Jones suffers neck injury

According to reports, New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has suffered a neck injury, and he has been ruled OUT for the remainder of today's game against the Miami Dolphins. Jones has now been sacked 17 times in the past seven quarters of action.

giants Daniel Jones suffers neck injury

What Happened to Daniel Jones?

As you can see in the video below, his offensive line was not doing Jones any favors on Sunday against the Dolphins. This hit was the one of many that Jones had taken before exiting the game with a neck injury.

Here is video footage of Jones walking to the locker room with the Giants trailing 31-13 in the fourth quarter.

Why it Matters

Back in March, Jones inked a lucrative four-year, $160 million contract extension with the Giants, elevating him to the ranks of the NFL's top-10 highest-paid quarterbacks at the time of signing. This deal secures Jones with the Giants until 2026, featuring a substantial $82 million in full guarantees and the potential to earn an extra $35 million through incentives. With Jones out of commission, at least for the time being, the Giants will have to roll with backup, Tyrod Taylor.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Injury-Plagued Game: New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones suffered a neck injury during the game against the Miami Dolphins and was subsequently ruled out for the remainder of the match.
  2. Offensive Line Woes: The video footage of the game clearly illustrates that Jones faced considerable pressure from the opposing defense, with his offensive line unable to adequately protect him. This hit was just one of many that Jones endured before exiting due to the neck injury.
  3. Contract Implications: Jones' injury is a concern not only for the Giants but also for the quarterback himself. He signed a significant four-year, $160 million contract extension in March, becoming one of the NFL's top-paid quarterbacks.

Bottom Line: Top Break For Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones' neck injury adds to the challenges he and the New York Giants have faced recently, raising questions about his ability to stay on the field and fulfill the expectations associated with his lucrative contract extension. His health will undoubtedly be closely monitored as the season progresses.