Detroit Lions betting lines released for Weeks 1-16

Interested in placing a wager on the Detroit Lions for the 2017 NFL Season? Wondering who the oddsmakers have chosen as the favorites for the upcoming year?

Well, the folks over at have released the matchups for the first 16 weeks of the 2017 regular season. Here’s how it all breaks down for our hometown Lions.

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Week 1

Arizona Cardinals

Detroit Lions (-3)

Week 2

Detroit Lions

New York Giants (-3)

Week 3

Atlanta Falcons (-1 1/2)

Detroit Lions

Week 4

Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings (-3)

Week 5

Carolina Panthers

Detroit Lions (-2)

Week 6

Detroit Lions

New Orleans Saints (-2 1/2)

Week 7


Week 8

Pittsburgh Steelers (-1 1/2)

Detroit Lions

Week 9

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers (-7 1/2)

Week 10

Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions (-8 1/2)

Week 11

Detroit Lions (-1)

Chicago Bears

Week 12

Minnesota Vikings

Detroit Lions (-2 1/2)

Week 13

Detroit Lions

Baltimore Ravens (-3)

Week 14

Detroit Lions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)

Week 15

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions (-6)

Week 16

Detroit Lions

Cincinnati Bengals (-3)

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What are the Super Bowl odds for the Lions? Well, Detroit is somewhere in the middle of the pack regarding the odds of bringing an NFL Championship Trophy to Detroit. Here’s what the gambling gods say about that.

Current Odds To Win NFC Championship

Current Favorite: Dallas Cowboys 3/1

Current Long Shot: San Francisco 49ers 100/1

Detroit Lions 16/1

Current Odds To Win Pro Football Championship

Current Favorite: Dallas Cowboys 7/1

Current Long Shot: Cleveland Browns 225/1

Detroit Lions 45/1

Written by Leonard Elmore

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