Nick Castellanos says Detroit Tigers failed people of Detroit

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One for the great laments amongst Detroit sports fans is that the Detroit Tigers weren’t able to clinch a World Series despite featuring some truly stacked rosters.

The image of Brandon Inge and Miguel Cabrera striking out to lose the World Series in 2006 and 2012, as well as Torii Hunter tumbling over the wall at Fenway Park continue to haunt the dreams of Tigers fans everywhere.

And now, one former member of the team is talking about it.

Nick Castellanos was drafted by the Detroit Tigers 44th overall in the 2010 MLB Draft, and he proceeded to spend the first seven years of his career with Detroit before being dealt to the Chicago Cubs in 2019.

A career .277 hitter with 120 home runs and 460 RBI, Castellanos reached a four-year, $64-million contract with the Cincinnati Reds during last offseason.

“The biggest lesson that I got from all of that, being that far removed from it, was those teams never won,” Castellanos said while appearing on the Chris Rose Rotation podcast. “As good as they were, they never did what they were supposed to do, which was to bring happiness to the people of Detroit.”

“Close, but they did not get the cigar at the end,” he said. “And as an organization and as a fan, to bring it all the way home is what’s most important.”

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