Ohio State attempts to outdo Michigan Football with t-shirt design [PHOTO]

Ohio State attempts to outdo Michigan Football with NIL t-shirt deal that is about as fake as Ryan Day's ability to beat Michigan.

Ohio State attempts to outdo Michigan Football and falls flat, just like they will on Saturday.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but there's something that's worse: fake outrage. That's exactly what the Ohio State Buckeyes have done touting an “Ohio vs. Everybody,” NIL deal from the 1870 Society. This release comes during the week of “The Game” against the Michigan Wolverines. A sad attempt by a university that seems to trying anything they can to make up for two years of failure against Michigan.

Ohio State attempts to outdo Michigan Football
Ohio State attempts to outdo Michigan Football,Ohio State,Ryan Day

Expecting anything less from Ryan Day is a fool's game

Okay, so it's not Ryan Day's prerogative, per se, but has he not been playing this “us against the world” crybaby stuff since he picked a fight with a geriatric Lou Holtz earlier in the season? Yes, yes he has and he's really trying to do anything he can to try and figure out how to beat the Michigan Football team.

But the question has to be asked, “What adversity has Ohio State experienced that makes them feel the world is against them?” The answer: nothing. They've been babied and insulated in rankings consistently, even sneaking into the College Football Playoffs last year. The world is not against the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the fake outrage their experiencing is really unbecoming.

They get credit for a win over #5 (at the time) Notre Dame, which is a team that is consistently overrated every year. And as far as the “Strength of Schedule” arguments work, they have literally nothing over the team from up north that lives rent-free in their minds.

Nothing like being born on third base and thinking you hit a triple

Regardless of what you think about these shirts, they are once again a reminder of just how dumb Ohio State can be. For all the “adversity” that they've faced, remember there's none, they want to create this fake outrage to try and will their players to victory. They're a coddled and insulated fan base and something like this is just more proof of how tone-deaf they really are.

Sure, Michigan has its own self-inflicted wounds, but at least they're not borrowing from others and acting like they have all this outrage that the world is against them when it's really not. Granted the #1 spot in the initial College Football Rankings for really no reason at all is just a small example of their tone-deafness.

The game is played on the field and Ryan Day and the whole university seem to be trying to create a narrative that just doesn't exist. We haven't even mentioned the connection Day has to the sign-stealing investigation, just more proof of his terror in facing the Wolverines. Here's what we do know, two 11-0 teams are going to square off on Saturday and one of them will represent the Big Ten East in the championship. What happens on the field is what will matter, none of this nonsense the Buckeyes are trying to create off the field does.

So to Day and his “against the world” Buckeyes, shut up and play the game. We'll see you on Saturday.

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