Pistons undefeated to start the season

The Detroit Pistons opened up their regular season tonight with a victory against Myles Turner and the Indiana Pacers 119-110.

After leading 27-24 to end the first quarter, the Pistons allowed the Pacers to take the lead heading into the half by one point, trailing 55-54. After both teams traded the lead to open the third quarter, the Pacers were able to take the lead with 7:53 left to play in the third en route of a 13-0 run. The Pistons were able to regain control late in the fourth quarter after trailing 86-83 to end the third quarter, thanks to a couple of big baskets from Andre Drummond and Luke Kennard. The latter of which hit the dagger with 1:24 left in the game, a three-point shot that gave the Pistons a 113-103 lead.

Domantas Sabonis led the Pacers in scoring with 27 points to go along with 13 rebounds. Myles Turner (25 points) and Malcolm Brogdon (22 points) were also able to contribute for the Pacers.

On the Pistons side, Andre Drummond led the charge with 32 points, 23 rebounds, and four blocks. Off-season acquisition Derrick Rose played well off the bench in tonight's victory as well, with 18 points and nine assists. Derrick Rose looks to be in mid-season form after a hot start, and that is a good sign for the Pistons. Also helping off the bench was the third-year shooting guard Luke Kennard, who scored a career-high 30 points.

The Pistons will want to work on protecting the ball, as they finished the game with 18 turnovers.

All-Star power forward Blake Griffin was inactive for tonight's game due to an injury he suffered during the preseason. He is not expected to return until November.

The Pistons won't have much time to rest and think about tonight's game, as they have a game tomorrow night at home against Trae Young and the new-look Atlanta Hawks.