More proof the Detroit Lions drive their fans to alcoholism

We almost won something!

According to a recent survey from, it takes the average Michigander 4.02 beers to feel drunk. That is a number that is only topped by natives of Arizona, who need just slightly more (4.04 beers) to feel the flow.

Detroit Lions

So, why do you think Michigan residents have such a high tolerance for beer?

Well, as die-hard Detroit Lions‘ fans, the crew at Detroit Sports Nation thinks one playoff win in 60+ years just may have something to do with it.

After all, the Lions have managed to get our hopes up so many times over the years that we have to find some way to cope with it, right? I mean, how many of you have watched a Lions game without feeling the urge to crack open a cold one?

That being said, so far the Lions are showing promise once again this season and we can only hope that it will lead to us having a few beers after a big playoff win (or more) this season!