Report: Michigan Football to legally fight any disciplinary action from NCAA

Michigan Football to legally fight the NCAA on any disciplinary action levied against them, according to reports.

Michigan Football to legally fight the NCAA on any disciplinary action levied against them, according to reports.

Michigan Football remains embroiled in a highly controversial saga, concerning their purported sign-stealing scandal. The NCAA has issued a warning to the Wolverines, and they have until Wednesday to issue an official response. However, it's reported that the program intends to contest and resist any disciplinary actions that may be imposed on them.

Michigan to legally fight

Jim Harbaugh could be facing suspension

According to Yahoo Sports, the Big Ten is reportedly considering a multi-game suspension for head coach Jim Harbaugh. However, their investigation findings do not appear to link the in-person scouting and recording of opponents' sidelines directly to the head coach.

College football insider Brett McMurphy reported the following on his X (formerly Twitter) account this afternoon:

Michigan has received notice from the Big Ten indicating specific sign stealing allegations but it does not indicate what penalties would be administered, UM sources said. UM has until Wednesday to respond to Big Ten, source said. The Big Ten’s pursuit of penalties against Michigan and/or Jim Harbaugh is viewed as a “PR stunt” in response to public pressure & in light of the conference’s lack of action up to this point, source said. UM will legally fight any disciplinary actions, which potentially would block any suspensions from occurring this season, sources said.”

If this situation continues to develop along its current path, it could indeed lead to an unprecedented legal battle between a conference and one of the most prominent college football programs in the country.

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According to Kansas City-based sports attorney Mit Winter, Michigan could consider seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent a suspension of Harbaugh.

“The school or Harbaugh would have to prevent a cause of action,” Winter said. “That could be a lack of due-process claim or a failure to follow procedural rules.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan Football is still entangled in their sign-stealing controversy.
  2. The NCAA has informed Michigan of their findings, and the school has until Wednesday to provide a response.
  3. It's reported that Michigan Football intends to engage in a legal battle against the NCAA if any penalties are imposed upon them.

Bottom Line: Get ready to rumble

Several head coaches within the Big Ten have expressed their frustration with Michigan Football regarding the alleged actions, and they have called on the conference to take swift action. It seems that any contemplated action could be disclosed soon.

However, if Michigan indeed plans to contest the situation, it may result in a significant power struggle and legal dispute.

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