Rodney Harrison suggests interesting trade destination for Matthew Stafford

Will the Detroit Lions move on from Matthew Stafford when the 2020 season is in the books?

That is a question that everyone wants an answer to and that everyone has an opinion on, one way or the other.

One person who believes it is time for the Lions and Stafford to split ways is former NFL player, Rodney Harrison.

During a recent conversation on The Safety Blitz on NBC Sports, Harrison said not only said that Stafford should be traded but he also gave a specific destination, the New England Patriots.

I don’t think Detroit will do better than Stafford at this point in time, but I do believe that they just need to absolve the relationship — because Matthew Stafford actually just deserves better than this.

“I’ll just say this, if I’m the Patriots I’m looking to make a trade. I’m looking to make a trade because think about Matthew Stafford on the Patriots if Belichick adds a couple weapons, with his coaching, that young defense, I just think they have a better chance,” Harrison said.

Nation, would you like to see Stafford get traded to the Patriots?