Rumor: Is Ohio State head coach Ryan Day leaving for Texas A&M?

Is Ohio State head coach Ryan Day leaving for Texas A&M? Find out the latest.

Rumor: Is Ohio State head coach Ryan Day leaving for Texas A&M?

The college football world is abuzz with speculation as the Texas A&M Aggies launch a high-profile search for a new head coach, following Jimbo Fisher‘s departure. Recently, the spotlight has turned to Ryan Day, the Ohio State Buckeyes head coach, who stands on the brink of a Big Ten Championship Game and a possible College Football Playoff spot.

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Ryan Day to Texas A&M?

This rumor, though seemingly outlandish, gains credence from TexAgs reporter Billy Liucci's remarks. Liucci acknowledges the “Ryan Day smoke” but expresses skepticism, hinting it might be agent-generated buzz.

“There is Ryan Day smoke but I’m very skeptical of the Ryan Day smoke,” Liucci said. “I’m skeptical that that’s not an agent drumming up stuff. I will continue to include Ryan Day as a candidate. That’s not who I would expect them to land.”

On Saturday, Bruce Feldman of The Athletic reported that Texas A&M does have interest in trying to talk to Day if the Buckeyes lose again to the Wolverines.

A Precedent Has Been Set

Yet, the precedent set by Lincoln Riley (OU to USC) and Brian Kelly (Notre Dame to LSU) illustrates that surprise exits aren't unheard of in college football. The question remains: would Ryan Day leave his prestigious position at Ohio State, particularly at a juncture where his team is a strong contender?

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Personally, I cannot imagine Day leaving Ohio State, which is one of the top coaching destinations in the nation for Texas A&M. With that being said, if Michigan stomps Ohio State today like they have the past two seasons, then you can bet there will be a lot of Buckeyes supporters who want Day to be fired. My prediction is that Day will remain at Ohio State for a very long time.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Texas A&M seeks a replacement for Jimbo Fisher, and a rumor is floating around that they are eyeing Ohio State's Ryan Day.
  2. Speculation fueled by reporter insights; precedent of coaches switching elite programs exists.
  3. Ohio State‘s performance and Day's decision in the spotlight post-Michigan game.

Bottom Line – Game of Chairs in College Football

The college football community finds itself at a crossroads of speculation and anticipation. While the rumor of Ryan Day‘s potential move to Texas A&M is enveloped in skepticism, it cannot be dismissed outright in the ever-shifting sands of college football. This scenario underscores the volatile nature of coaching careers in elite sports and the impact these decisions have on teams and their legacies. As fans and analysts alike watch closely, the coming days may either quell these rumors or turn them into a startling reality.