MUST SEE: Detroit Pistons dancer gets engaged at Little Caesars Arena

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On Monday night, the Detroit Pistons hosted LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers at Little Caesars Arena.

But it was not the game that Pistons dancer Erynn will remember about this night.

Watch as the Pistons dance team does their performance as usual until the very end when Hooper brings Erynn out to center court. When she turns around, she gets the surprise of a lifetime!


WATCH: Pistons’ Reggie Jackson ices Timberwolves’ Jimmy Butler at free throw line

The Detroit Pistons were up 98-97 over the Minnesota Timberwolves with just over six seconds left in the fourth quarter last night when Minnesota’s Jimmy Butler went to the free throw line to shoot three. After Butler made the first two, Reggie Jackson took it upon himself to interrupt his flow, denying the game-tying point:

By the letter of the law, this was a permissible move by Jackson to step inside the arc, because the official had not given the ball to Butler yet.

Butler was clearly not amused by Jackosn’s antics; however, he said after the game that it had nothing to do with his miss. The Pistons won the game 100-97 to wrap up their three-game road trip.

The victory comes after a disappointing loss to the Indiana Pacers on Saturday night. Detroit was up 22 points halfway through the third quarter and ended up blowing it. Thanks to a healthy dose of three-pointers, Indiana won the game 107-100.

To read the rest of the article and to see Reggie Jackson disrupt Butler’s free throw, click on the article below.