Sports writer questions how COVID-19 outbreak could affect college football season

The outbreak of COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, has already had a massive impact on sports leagues worldwide. In North America, the NHL and NBA have suspended play, while the NCAA Tournament has officially been cancelled.

Despite the college football season not slated to get underway for several months, one New York Times sports writer is making a prediction that fans may not want to hear.

During an interview on Friday with ESPN radio host Paul Finebaum, Kevin Blinder questioned whether or not the college football season would be able to proceed as it is currently planned:

“Everyone is certainly hoping for a college football season. I’d be hard-pressed to find a college sports fan who isn’t excited for the college football season, but what does it mean come Media Days in July, come practice and the first games of the season on Labor Day Weekend and before then? It’s hard to say. The understanding is that there will be a college football season, but I think the better question is not ‘whether there will be a start of the college football season’ but ‘will there be an end of the college football season?’ … what happens if the virus reappears as the weather turns colder — if it fades away at all? I think there are legitimate questions if we will be doing this kind of exercise (of suspending seasons) again less than a year from now. We don’t really know.”

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