Stephen Curry drains hole-in-one, celebrates epically [Video]

Seriously, is there anything that Stephen Curry can't do at this point?

When it comes to draining shots, there really isn't much that Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors can't do. Essentially, he's revolutionized the game of basketball with his incredible shots from long distance that almost look like any other player shooting free throws. And he drained yet another long distance shot today, but this time on the golf course.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry drained a hole in one and was loving it

While on the par-three seventh hole at the American Century Championship on Saturday, Curry drained a hole in one from 152 yards away, and then celebrated with celebratory sprint that soon went viral:

Key Points

  • Steph Curry will go down as arguably the best shooter in NBA history
  • He drained a hole-in-one at the American Century Championship today
  • His celebration sprint has gone viral

Bottom Line

Steph Curry is already a bonafide first ballot Hall of Famer when his NBA career comes to a close, and it looks like he can even think about turning to professional golf when that happens.

Regardless, it's Curry's world and we're just living in it.