ON THIS DAY: Bob Probert has his most explosive game ever for the Red Wings

Most people know Bob Probert for his life as a legendary enforcer for the Detroit Red Wings. Who could blame them when his career consists of 3300 penalty minutes across 935 NHL games? (That’s roughly 3.5 penalty minutes per game). What people seem to overlook is that Probert was also a complete source of secondary scoring … Read more

FLASHBACK: Brendan Shanahan drops gloves with Bob Probert [Video]

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to December 12, 1996. On that day, the Detroit Red Wings took the ice against the hated Chicago Blackhawks and before all was said and done, it was former Red Wings enforcer Bob Probert who mixed it up against his old team. Watch as Brendan Shanahan holds his … Read more

Training for Success: DSN’s exclusive interview with former Red Wings trainer John Wharton

The rise of the Detroit Red Wings to the top of the National Hockey League is a well-documented story of success. Some of the greatest players in hockey history donned the Winged Wheel, and they were led by the winningest coach in NHL history, Scotty Bowman.   Four Stanley Cup wins, several division titles, scoring records, … Read more

FLASHBACK FIGHT: Red Wings Bob Probert KO’s Blackhawks Bob McGill [Video]

Looking for something to give you a pick me up? We have you covered. Let’s flashback to November 29th, 1980 to when Detroit Red Wings bruiser Bob Probert absolutely destroyed Bob McGill of the Chicago Blackhawks. Now, go ahead and enjoy the rest of your day! https://www.facebook.com/detroitsportsnation/videos/1519670758060288/

Joe Louis Arena Hosts Final Red Wings Home Opener Tonight

Tonight marks the beginning of the end of an era of Detroit Red Wings hockey. They’ll play their final home opener at Joe Louis Arena, the 2nd oldest building in the NHL; second only to New York’s Madison Square Garden. Their new home, Little Caesars Arena, is still under construction and will be ready to … Read more

Back to the Future: Detroit Sports Edition (1985-2015)

October 21, 2015. 4:29 p.m. This is it. We are officially in the future. It’s been exactly 30 years since Marty McFly and Doc Brown embarked upon that fateful flight to future Hill Valley for the sake of altering and exploiting reality for personal gain. And while Back to the Future: Part II managed to get … Read more

Top 5 Red Wings Enforcers Since 1980

These days, the Red Wings are usually regarded as a team that relies on skill and finesse and not physical prowess. But throughout their history, the Red Wings have boasted some of the most feared players to have ever dropped the gloves, including who most regard as the greatest fighter in hockey history. Here are … Read more

MUST SEE: 5 Epic Bob Probert vs. Tie Domi fights

One of the best fighting-rivalries in NHL history, whenever Bob Probert and Tie Domi hit the ice together, you knew there was dynamite about to go off somewhere. These two alone fueled many on-ice rivalries between their teams. So, let’s take a look back a five epic fights between these slugging juggernauts. (Keep in mind … Read more