Reporter says he was ‘verbally attacked’ by former Detroit Red Wings HC Mike Babcock

According to Andy Strickland, a rinkside reporter for Fox Sports Midwest, he was verbally attacked in 2007 by then Detroit Red Wings head coach, Mike Babcock. Strickland alleges he was up against a wall while Babcock screamed and pointed in his face because of a story he had written. Stickland’s tweet comes just a … Read more

Former Red Wing Johan Franzen: Mike Babcock is “the worst person I’ve ever met”

A stunning news report surfaced earlier in which former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios detailed an incident between former coach Mike Babcock and forward Johan Franzen, in which the former verbally abused the latter which led to a nervous breakdown. And now, Franzen himself is speaking out about it. Franzen sat down with Swedish-language … Read more

Chris Chelios calls out Mike Babcock for ‘verbally assaulting’ former Detroit Red Wing

From what we have gathered throughout the years, former Detroit Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock is not the most likable individual on the planet. Now, Chris Chelios has called out Babcock for ‘verbally assaulting’ former Red Wing Johan Franzen. Take a listen. Babcock verbally assaulted Johan Franzen on the bench, causing Franzen a nervous … Read more

Detroit Red Wings 2010s All Decade Team

We’ve seen a little bit of eveything over the decade with the Detroit Red Wings, eh? Playoff battles, individual break outs, and teams that didn’t come close to sniffing the playoffs. Through all this, players at each position have stood out at each position. Here is my best attempt at an “all-decade team” for the … Read more

Athanasiou agent: Considerable difference between Detroit, KHL offers

As if the recent revelation that forward Andreas Athanasiou was flirting with an offer from the KHL wasn’t enough for Detroit Red Wings fans bitter with their team’s management, this latest news certainly won’t help things. Athanasiou’s agent Darren Ferris revealed in a text to MLive that there is a “considerable difference” in the amount of money being … Read more