Teddy Bridgewater negotiating deal to get desired jersey number with Detroit Lions

Teddy Bridgewater negotiating deal: Bridgewater may get the jersey number of his choice after all.

Teddy Bridgewater negotiating deal to get desired jersey number with Detroit Lions

Having been in the league since 2014, Teddy Bridgewater has been synonymous with the jersey No. 5, wearing it proudly from the Minnesota Vikings to the Miami Dolphins. That number, which Bridgewater has donned since his college days at the University of Louisville, holds significant sentimental value for him.

Teddy Bridgewater Has Plan to Push Jameson Williams Teddy Bridgewater negotiating deal

Why the No. 50?

But now, with Bridgewater joining the Detroit Lions as a late free-agent signing, a snag has appeared. Bridgewater chose to wear No. 50 due to all of the other traditional quarterback numbers being occupied or retired.

Negotiating a Deal

The No. 5 Bridgewater desires to wear is currently worn by running back David Montgomery. Thankfully, Montgomery seems open to a number change, hinting at the respect between the two players. Montgomery, who wore No. 32 during his tenure with the Chicago Bears, opted for No. 5 with the Lions as a fresh start.

“We're still trying to work through that. I'm trying my best to figure something out for him,” Montgomery said. “I respect him a lot, that's why I'm really trying to get it worked out for him because I know he's had it his whole career.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Teddy Bridgewater has consistently worn No. 5 since his early football career, but the jersey is currently taken in the Detroit Lions.
  2. Running back David Montgomery presently dons No. 5 but is considering a switch, acknowledging Bridgewater's attachment to the number.
  3. Montgomery had previously worn No. 32 during his time with the Chicago Bears

Bottom Line – A Tale of Two Numbers

Bridgewater's quest to rock No. 5 in Motor City brings back all the feels of schoolyard trades. Yet, it's more than just fabric and stitches. It's about legacy, respect, and the pride of donning Honolulu blue. So, whether Teddy ends up with that coveted No. 5 or not, we know he's all in for Detroit. Here's to hoping he brings that same passion to the field, regardless of the digits on his back.


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