The cost for the Detroit Tigers to land Shohei Ohtani

With Shohei Ohtani in Detroit with his Los Angeles Angels teammates, we thought we would take a look at what it would cost the Detroit Tigers to trade for him.

According to a late-July report from John Heyman, the Angels are listening to offers for everybody on their roster, including Ohtani.

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Heyman noted that one rival said that the Angeles are asking for “your top 4 prospects” but that most believe that it is a major long shot that the Angels ownership will ultimately ok a deal to trade Ohtani.

From New York Post:

Two executives with interest rated it this way: “Very slim,” and “almost zero.”

A third said: “They want something like your top four prospects.”

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What it would cost Detroit Tigers to land Shohei Ohtani

Of course, as soon as this news broke, some Detroit Tigers took to social media to suggest that their team make an offer for Shohei Ohtani.

If the Angels truly are listening to offers for Ohtani, and they are demanding the top four prospects from an organization, the Tigers would likely have to give up OF Riley Greene, 1B Spencer Torkelson, RHP Jackson Jobe, and 2B Jace Jung.

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Torkelson and Greene are no longer considered prospects but they would almost certainly be included in this completely fictional trade.

Personally, I cannot imagine the Angels trading Ohtani to anyone at all but the Tigers do have one of the top farm systems in baseball so they would be able to make one of the best offers if they chose to do so.

Jobe is currently the No. 23 overall prospect and Jung will probably join the Top 100 when it is eventually updated with the most recent draft picks.

Nation, let's say the Detroit Tigers could trade Greene, Torkelson, Jobe, and Jung for Shohei Ohtani. Would you make the deal?


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