Tom Brady thanks Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, declares ‘The Wolverines are back!’

If you are either a fan or an alumni of the University of Michigan, Saturday was a very special day for you as Jim Harbaugh the Wolverines finally defeated the hated Ohio State Buckeyes to advance to the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis.

One former Wolverines player who was thrilled to get the win is Tom Brady.

On Monday, Brady thanked Jim Harbaugh for the win declaring “The Wolverines are back!”

From Wolverines Wire:

“The Wolverines are back,” Brady said on his podcast. “And I said earlier it was one of the great days in college football I can ever remember, just watching. You know, it was a perfect Ann Arbor day, the snow was falling down, the field was…Big Johnny, our old equipment coach, used to say, ‘Rain, blood, (expletive deleted) or mud, boys, we’re getting out there and we’re playing Michigan football.’ And that was a good old Michigan (expletive deleted)-kicking. It was so fun for us to be watching and so happy for the seniors, so happy for Coach Harbaugh, what he’s done to the program. It gave us all a lot of joy on the weekend so thanks a lot, Coach.”

Nation, do you agree that the Wolverines are back?

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