Tom Brady voices his advice for Detroit Lions following screw job vs. Cowboys

Tom Brady voices his advice for Detroit Lions following screw job vs. Cowboys

Tom Brady voices his advice for Detroit Lions following screw job vs. Cowboys

In the wake of the controversial call during the Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys game, NFL legend Tom Brady offered his perspective and advice to the Lions on his SiriusXM show, “Let’s Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray.” The discussion revolved around the contentious moment involving Lions left tackle Taylor Decker and the 2-point conversion call that has been the center of much debate.

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Tom Brady Shares Advice for Detroit Lions

Brady emphasized the importance of focusing on what lies ahead rather than dwelling on past controversies.

“The only thing you can do if you’re the Lions is try to control what you can control, which is what’s ahead of you,” Brady said. “You play these games, and there’s been a lot of ‘em over the course of my life, a lot of things don’t go your way. A lot of things do go your way.

“And if I was in that locker room, hopefully that would bring us together to say, alright guys, we got a tough break, didn’t go the way we wanted. Or what we thought we did, the referees didn’t see it the same way. And what are we gonna do about it? Are we gonna sulk and complain, or are we gonna deal with the reality of the situation and move forward and try to play our best football going into the final week of the year?”

Brady Praises Dan Campbell

Further, Brady applauded the work of Lions head coach Dan Campbell, acknowledging his transformative impact on the team’s culture and performance.

“[Dan Campbell’s] done an unbelievable coaching job this year. And I love seeing teams; like he really went and changed the culture,” Brady said. “It’s been a tough environment for a long time with the Lions, and they traded [Matthew] Stafford, and they got [Jared] Goff, and they got a bunch of picks, and they took this challenge head on. You know, when you’re a coach and you’re taking over these situations, it’s very rare a new coach comes into a great situation.

“Look, you get hired into a situation that 90% of the time is not a great one because it’s been a losing season. And he’s had 30 years of losses, the Lions have. And Coach Campbell came in and really set the tone for the whole organization with his attitude and his effort and his work ethic, his toughness. You can see it with the whole team.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Tom Brady advises the Detroit Lions to focus on future games following the controversy against the Cowboys.
  2. Brady emphasizes unity and forward-thinking in the face of adversity.
  3. Brady praises Coach Dan Campbell for transforming the Lions’ culture and performance.

The Bottom Line

The Detroit Lions, under the guidance of Coach Dan Campbell, have shown remarkable improvement and resilience. Tom Brady's advice to move past the controversy and focus on what's ahead is a reminder of the mental toughness required in professional sports. As the Lions gear up for their next game, they have the chance to prove that they can rise above challenges and continue their impressive season, embodying the grit and determination that has become synonymous with their team identity.