Tom Izzo ‘suiting up’ for Michigan State

Assisting the process: Tom Izzo 'suiting up' for the Spartans in their new coaching search.

Assisting the search: Tom Izzo ‘suiting up' for the Spartans

Michigan State University has terminated the employment of head football coach Mel Tucker for cause in light of his involvement in a sexual harassment scandal. Currently, Harlon Barnett has taken on the role of interim coach. During the search for the next full-time coach, the legendary Spartans coach, Tom Izzo, will be lending his expertise to assist in the process.

Tom Izzo 'suiting up'

The Spartans fired Mel Tucker with cause

Last month, Tucker was suspended with pay following allegations of sexual harassment made by rape survivor Brenda Tracy. Shortly thereafter, MSU Athletic Director Alan Haller informed him that his contract would be terminated with cause. Tucker has subsequently declared his intention to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Tom Izzo

Despite Izzo's reputation as the legendary basketball coach in East Lansing, the Spartans have named their new football facility after him. Additionally, he will play a role in the coaching search to find Tucker's official replacement.

“I hope so, I really do because I think I’ve been a sounding board for a lot of hires here,” Izzo said. “When you’re here for 100 years, you should have some sounding board on what you do. That doesn’t mean I’m in on the decision making, it means I’m a sounding board.”

“I think the other thing that I have an advantage of is when you stay in it this long and you have a love for football and some of your best friends are in football, I think you have the context and the ability to help in the search in that way,” Izzo said. “I know there’s headhunters – I have feelings about certain things. Whatever Alan and the board and whoever else is involved needs me to do, I’m suiting up, I’m there for them, as I’ve been through a lot of these other searches we’ve had and things we’ve done with some other programs around.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Michigan State Spartans fired football head coach Mel Tucker with cause
  2. As Harlon Barnett currently serves as interim head coach, the search for an official replacement for Tucker is now underway
  3. Tom Izzo ‘suiting up' to assist in the Michigan State search for a new football head coach

Bottom Line: Izzo helping is a good thing

Few figures at Michigan State are as respected as Tom Izzo, widely regarded as one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time.

His invaluable expertise will be instrumental as he assists AD Alan Haller in the university's pursuit of an official replacement for Tucker, and his involvement is undoubtedly a positive development.