Tucker Barnhart is frustrated following Detroit Tigers loss

The Detroit Tigers were at it again on Tuesday night and by ‘at it’ I mean not scoring runs in a baseball game. Following the game, Tigers manager A.J. Hinch and catcher Tucker Barnhart were clearly a bit tired of getting the same questions and giving the same answers about the team not scoring runs.

Hinch explained that

Quotes via Detroit Free Press:

“The at-bats have been a little bit better,” manager A.J. Hinch said. “We’re talking about stranding runners now. But it’s frustrating. Listen, we’re well into June, so this is an accumulation of frustration that is real, but it doesn’t help us win tomorrow.

“I know you’re tired of me saying win today’s game, but the reason is because this sport will drag you into misery if you keep looking at these numbers. They’re not good, and they’re not going to be good tomorrow regardless of how good of a day we have. We got to focus on the game at hand and put a lot of good games together to climb out of this.” 

The Tigers were able to put some pressure on White Sox right-hander Dylan Cease in multiple innings but they could not get hits with runners in scoring position. In fact, the Tigers were 0-for-8 on the night with RISP.

“We had pressure on him in the first, second and fifth, so three of his five innings,” Hinch said. “It’s the most pressure we probably had on him since I’ve been here, but we didn’t get the big hit.”

Tucker Barnhart is frustrated following Detroit Tigers loss

Catcher Tucker Barnhart did not know what to say after the Tigers only scored one run against the White Sox and he ended up letting his frustrations come out.

“I feel like I answer this question every single day,” Barnhart said. “It’s tough. Other than that, I don’t really know what to say. I think you come to the park every day and approach each game like it’s a new day, which clearly it is. We just got to forget about this and move forward. I apologize. … But, I mean, I don’t know what to say.”

Through their first 61 games of the season, the Tigers are now averaging an MLB-worst 2.75 runs per game.

As we know, that is not going to get it done in Major League Baseball.

Written by W.G. Brady

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