Khabib – McGregor post fight takes queues from Detroit’s own Malice at the Palace

Khabib Nurmagomedov scaled the walls of the cage and leaped into the crowd immediately following his submission of Conor McGregor.  His mission:  Seek revenge for McGregor’s posse attack on his tour bus earlier this year.

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The sanctioned fight ended three minutes and three seconds into the 4th round of last night’s UFC lightweight match when Khabib submitted McGregor via rear naked choke.  That result will merely be a byline as an unscheduled fight broke out seconds later.  Khabib Nurmagomedov told the media that he sought to make Conor McGregor pay for attacking his tour bus at a UFC 223 event.  While most people would have thought Khabib meant beating McGregor, he had other plans.

The video below shows Khabib chasing down members of McGregor’s Team Notorious.  Dillon Danis, a member of Conor’s entourage, began grappling with Khabib before being hauled away by a security team.  Numerous security personnel sought to restrain him, largely to no avail.  Conor McGregor stumbled to his feet seconds after the melee began, only to be sucker punched by two members of Khabib’s team.

An even closer fan-posted video shows the ground floor view of an enraged Khabib launching himself into the crowd.  The blonde-haired individual is Dillon Danis, a jiu-jitsu fighter and member of McGregor’s team.

UFC President, Dana White, had a thorough, level-headed breakdown of events following this display.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission is known for keeping troublesome fighters away for periods of time.  They recently suspended boxing superstar, Canelo Álvarez, for one year due to performance-enhancing drug usage.  This was later reduced to six months because of his clean past and enormous popularity.  The behavior displayed by Nurmagomedov and his team could bring never-before-seen fines and suspensions.

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Three arrests were made following the event, but all three individuals were released as McGregor declined to press charges.

Nation, what are your thoughts on this debacle?  Who does the most fault lie with and what penalties, if any, should be levied?


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