Video shows 11-year-old football player shooting his teammates

This video of an 11-year-old football player shooting his teammates is extremely sad.

Video shows 11-year-old football player shooting his teammates

According to a report from TMZ Sports, an 11-year-old youth football player now faces a second-degree attempted murder charge after allegedly shooting two of his young teammates during a practice session in Florida. The shooting was caught on video and has since made its way to social media.

11-year-old football player shooting

What Happened?

The tranquility of an evening youth football practice was shattered at the Apopka Northwest Recreation Center in Florida when a dispute among three young players escalated into a horrifying incident. The altercation, which began on the practice field, spilled into the parking lot, where an 11-year-old participant gained access to a firearm inside his mother's car. Apopka police chief Mike McKinley revealed in a press conference that this young individual, who has no prior criminal history, discharged a single round from the firearm, injuring both of his 13-year-old teammates.

One victim was struck in the arm, while the other suffered upper-body injuries. Both children are expected to recover from the physical harm inflicted upon them. McKinley stated that the young suspect is currently facing a charge of second-degree attempted murder, with the possibility of additional charges being added. Additionally, the authorities are considering pressing charges against the parents for leaving the firearm in an unsecured location accessible to their child.


TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. An 11-year-old football player is charged with second-degree attempted murder after shooting two teammates.
  2. The incident occurred during an argument that escalated in the parking lot.
  3. Authorities emphasize the importance of firearm safety, considering potential charges against parents.

Bottom Line: A Tragic Wake-Up Call

The incident involving the 11-year-old football player is a tragic event that underscores the importance of keeping firearms out of the reach of children. It serves as another poignant wake-up call for communities and families to prioritize firearm safety education and secure their weapons appropriately.