Viral video shows Nick Castellanos getting into heated exchange with reporter

    Following an All-Star season in 2021 with the Cincinnati Reds, former Detroit Tigers OF Nick Castellanos signed a 5-year, $100 million with the Philadelphia Phillies.

    The Phillies and their fans hoped Castellanos would come in and help get them to the next level, but as it stands, they are 8.5 games behind the New York Mets in the National League East and on the outside looking in when it comes to the MLB Playoffs.

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    After hitting .309 with 34 home runs and 100 RBIs in 2021 with the Reds, Castellanos has struggled in his first 93 games with the Phillies as he is hitting just .245 with eight home runs and 46 RBIs.

    Viral video shows Nick Castellanos getting into heated exchange with reporter

    Following Saturday's 6-2 loss to the Chicago Cubs, Nick Castellanos spoke to reporters and he got into a heated exchange when one of the reporters asked him if he heard the Phillies fans booing him when he struck out in his last at bat.

    Here is how the exchange when, along with the viral video.

    Reporter: “Did you a hear the boos there when you struck out in the frame at the end there?”

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    Castellanos: “No man, I lost my hearing.”

    Reporter: “So you didn't hear it.”

    Castellanos: Come on man, it's a stupid question.

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    Reporter: Why is it a stupid question?

    Castellanos: Can anybody else answer that for him? Anybody?

    Castellanos: Yeah man, it's a stupid question.

    Reporter: It's not a stupid question, it's a stupid question YOU should be fit to answer.

    Castellanos: I did answer it.

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    Reporter: You should be equipped to answer a stupid question.

    Phillies PR Person: We got the answers, we're good.

    Castellanos: But that doesn't mean that I can't say it's a stupid question.

    Reporter: It wasn't a stupid question.

    Castellanos: Of course it is. If I heard the boos is… that's a rhetorical question.

    Reporter: Did you hear the boos?

    Castellanos: That's a stupid question.

    Phillies PR Person: We have the answer, we're good. Thanks guys, we're closed.

    Reporter: Then you should be able to handle a stupid question.

    Castellanos: I did.

    Nation, do you think Nick Castellanos handled this question appropriately? How about the reporter?

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    1. It’s a stupid question. Of course he heard the boos. Why not ask him a question that’s news worthy. Why are you struggling this year? What changes are you going to make in the batters box?
      I do have a comment for that reporter. Try taking a class on how to report the news and how to ask pertinent questions.

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