WATCH: Andre Drummond proves his worth, almost loses to “The Hangover” actor 1-on-1


Andre Drummond has been many things for the Detroit Pistons. He has been a bright spot and a sore spot for the Motor City, specifically with his effort and pure athletic ability. Videos like you see below can take either of those paths of frustration or hope. He shows irreverence that you would hope can translate into a better 2017 season, but it could just as easily be spun into concern that a Hollywood actor is showing him up and he doesn’t have the pride to shut it down.

This was during a recreational camp at Baruch College where Drummond and “National Treasure” series actor Justin Bartha were shooting hoops to entertain the crowd. Just from the reaction, we’d say everyone enjoyed themselves.

It’s up to you on what you feel from this video, but we definitely want to hear your thoughts after #0’s latest performance.

From the video, it would appear that our beloved center seems to be having a good time just shooting around. What is concerning, is how poor his footwork got when he was on the defensive end. It really must be hard being guarded by a guy who kept getting lost in “The Hangover” movies. Hopefully, this ripping by an under 6’0 tall actor can light a fire under #0. We don’t wanna be seeing a performance like this come October.

Maybe Stan Van Gundy should consider signing Bartha to back up Reggie Jackson when the time comes.