YUCK! Ohio State’s alternate uniforms for Michigan game are an embarrassment

There are three things that are certain in life. Death, taxes, and Michigan and Ohio State playing in the final week of the Big Ten regular season schedule.

This coming Saturday, Ohio State will invade the Big House and it has been revealed that they will be wearing an alternate uniform for the big game.

Here is a look at the embarrassing unis the Buckeyes will be wearing.

Ok, so maybe the uniforms are not completely awful, but there is no excuse for wearing alternates in the biggest rivalry game in sports! That and we hate Ohio State.


3 Takeaways from Michigan’s tough loss to Wisconsin

The game started off very promising for the young Wolverines in Madison. However, things went downhill quick after Brandon Peters was knocked out of the game. Big Ten games are typically won in the trenches and on the ground and Wisconsin won both.

As Michigan’s rushing attack struggled to get anything going, Wisconsin was able to get after Brandon Peters. The final score was 24-10, but there is a lot to unpack in this top twenty-five matchup.


When trying to pull off an upset against a top-five team on the road, you have to limit mistakes and make big plays. As well as Peters played, his fumble on the one-yard line was far from ideal. However, all of this would have been irrelevant had the play before gone a little differently. The play before, Peters threw a nice jump ball to Donovan Peoples-Jones in the corner of the end zone for a touchdown… or not. DPJ appeared to get his left foot down just before his right landed out of bounds. Isn’t this was replay is for? I digress.

Michigan had the ball inside the ten and got zero points.

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