1 Detroit Lions starter who could lose his job

The Detroit Lions have always been about healthy competition among its players, as echoed by the team’s management – Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell. A recent article by Eric Edholm of points to potential shifts within the team’s starting roster. According to Edholm, a key figure in this shakeup could be Malcolm Rodriguez, a linebacker who made a significant impact in his 2022 rookie season.

Malcolm Rodriguez Detroit Lions OTAs

1 Detroit Lions starter who could lose his job

Rodriguez’s status is now uncertain, with most of his current playtime relegated to the second-team defense. This change is partly due to the arrival of first-round pick Jack Campbell and the improved performance of Derrick Barnes, both adding depth to the Lions’ linebacker ranks. Though Detroit’s defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn cautions against reading too much into training camp line-ups, Rodriguez’s role in the upcoming season may be smaller, considering the team’s likely focus on two-linebacker groupings and the secured position of Alex Anzalone.


“I don’t believe this has much to do with Rodriguez’s performance, and Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has warned the media not to read too much into training camp reps — including who is starting and who isn’t — while Detroit works through all its different personnel combinations. But with Alex Anzalone’s starting job feeling secure and the Lions likely to deploy a lot of two-LB groupings, it’s hard to see Rodriguez starting the majority of games now barring an injury or two.”

Key Points

  • Detroit Lions management emphasizes competition for starting positions within the team.
  • Linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez, a standout rookie in 2022, now runs with the second-team defense.
  • The entry of first-round pick Jack Campbell and the improved performance of Derrick Barnes strengthen the Lions’ linebacker squad.
  • Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn advises against over-analyzing training camp reps.
  • Given the likely usage of two-LB groupings and Alex Anzalone’s secured spot, Rodriguez might not start most games.

Bottom Line – A Game of Change and Adaptation

The NFL is, at its heart, a game of constant change and adaptation. For Detroit Lions and Malcolm Rodriguez, this could be a season of recalibration and re-strategizing. Rodriguez’s potential shift is not a reflection of his performance but a testimony to the enriched depth and increased competition within the Lions’ linebacker crew. Whether this will benefit the team’s overall performance will unfold in the upcoming season. In the end, it is the ability to adapt, improve and excel in the face of change that defines the spirit of the game and the success of a team.

One Comment

  1. I said this when they drafted him and I stand by it 100 percent…. Jameson Williams was a total ware of a number one pick. Didn’t need him and HIGHLY over rated. He can’t catch.

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